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Don’t get your hopes up

Hello friends. I am back! For now.

Why now? It isn’t as if something truly interesting happened. I was not propelled to my computer with the need to disseminate news to everyone through a medium that appears to have become antiquated since the last time I used it (HA! I stopped blogging before it was cool!). I was just feeling a little nervy about a few things (like my future) and thought I’d jump on the internets for a bit of distraction. But what to do? I have already read all the facebooks, looked at all the instagrams, laughed at all the XKCDs, and made all of the applesauces on castleville. I have used the internet up! So I decided that I would end my consumerist ways and give back.

I don’t feel that I need to update you on my life. In the year since I have written, I have probably caught up with you in person, online, or via text. At one of those times, you have probably berated me for not updating the blog. And I have probably pretended that I knew what you were talking about until I remembered that I had a blog. Well, not only do I remember my blog, I actually remember the password for my account. huzzah!

Like I said though, I don’t have any kind of interesting update to provide. But since I am here, I will share a list of things that I am currently trying to maintain realistic hopes about.

1) Getting heaps of interviews for internship positions across the country (internship = final year of my interminable degree). I applied to 11 places and am supposed to hear about interviews by mid-december (NB – I will *hopefully* know where we’ll be next year on February 21st, 2014).

2) Finishing my dissertation before said internship begins on an, as yet, undetermined date. I’d say more about this, but it’s too anxiety provoking and you know what I always say, AVOID YOUR FEARS.

3) Beating Eli’s high score on Tetris Blitz.

4) Going to bed in time to get 8 hours of sleep tonight (I still try though, mom!)

5) Getting my neighbor to turn off their floodlights before 3 am. I’ve been wearing a face mask that Eli describes as a “bra for your face”.

But, even if I am a jobless, fatigued, perennial graduate student who wears a face bra and loses to her husband in every game they play, I can hardly complain. I’ve got a puppy cuddling with my foot.


Bring on the uncertainty!

p.s. My brother-in-law has started a new clinic in Baltimore, the Baltimore Therapy Center, check it out: http://www.baltimoretherapycenter.com/ 

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Tonight, we dance!

Last night Eli and I celebrated our two-year anniversary. AWW. Yes, it was so sweet. Anyway. We had decided to go out to dinner at a pretty nice place that we’d been to with Eli’s dad before. It’s walking distance to our house, but it was pouring so we drove and valeted the car. Oh side note, this is happening at 6:30 pm. So anyway, we walk into the restaurant and it is empty. Completely empty. Not a single other patron. The wait staff were still setting up tables. Ok, I think you get the point. So, the ambiance was already pretty awkward, but we’d just given our car to the valet man, and we were excited to have some salt-encrusted fish, so we sat down ready to make the best of it. Moments later the waiter comes by and we have the following exchange.

Waiter: What would you like to drink?

Emily: Do you have a wine list?

Waiter: Do you want a bottle or just by the glass?

Emily: We’ll just have a glass each please.

Waiter: We only have white or red, which would you like?

Emily: *looks confused.* (Does he mean that they just have a house white and a house red? Or does he have separate lists for white and red? Can he recommend something?)

Waiter: Or, maybe you don’t know *walks away*

At this moment a Shania Twain song begins playing very loudly (Note: Eli claims it was a Jewel song, but I know it was “You’re Still the One” because I remember thinking that the song was so loud and so bad, and yet, a little appropriate for an anniversary dinner. But very inappropriate for this restaurant, and very inappropriately loud when there were only 2 patrons). I start thinking that our anniversary dinner is ruined and begin looking wistfully out the window. Eli and I have a conversation about how this totally blows. He tries to tell me that we can leave, but I protest that it would be too embarrassing (at some point the waiter brought out an amuse-bouche from the chef. We didn’t order it, but we did eat it). I tell him that I am trying to decide between leaving or just deciding to have a good time no matter how awkward and rude the atmosphere. I decide to suck it up and have a good time. The waiter walks up.

Waiter: what would you like to eat?

Emily: I’ll start with the Gazpacho.

Waiter: Gazpacho not carpaccio (*which, let me note, I DID NOT SAY*). We don’t have carpaccio.

Emily: I know, I want Gazpacho.

Waiter: *grumpily makes a note on a pad*

Emily: You know what, I can’t do this. I’m sorry, we’re going to leave.

And so, out we walked! Unfortunately, we had valeted our car with the restaurant, so it wasn’t the most triumphant stomping out. It was more like a lingering outside the door, waiting for the valet to come back and give us our keys so we can walk to our car (but not before he charges us a ridiculous amount of money for the 10 minutes we were inside). Whatever, we escaped what was quickly becoming an ill-fated dining experience.  We decided to go somewhere a little more tropical and friendly, and – upon walking in the door- the experience was completely different. They greeted us warmly, the restaurant was full (we had to sit outside there were so many people there. Luckily it had stopped raining and it was our preference), they asked us about ourselves and congratulated us on our anniversary, and we had an outstanding dinner. Full disclosure : the music was still pretty terrible. But terrible music is much more tolerable when you are in a warm, welcoming environment. After we asked for our check, a waiter even brought us a surprise dessert and wished us a happy anniversary.


So all in all, we felt like we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat on this one. Of course, these are all small potatoes. We are very lucky that we get to enjoy a fancy dinner now and then, and even if we’d stayed at the first restaurant, it would have been fine. I would have been grumpy and disappointed, but we would have survived. More than anything, last night was just a good reminder to me that I don’t have to accept a bad situation just because I really hate to rock the boat. Sometimes rocking the boat ends in a great dinner and free dessert  (and did I mention the mojito? YUM!).

After dinner, we headed home to see the puppy and cue up our favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance. Eli suggested that I write a blog about our bad anniversary dinner luck (last year we went to a different fancy restaurant and were treated really poorly as well), but clarified: You can blog tomorrow, tonight we dance! Of course, we didn’t actually dance (I may have tried -unsuccessfully- to emulate a few leg extensions, but no one would call what I was doing dance). Still, sitting on a couch with my puppy and my hubby watching my favorite show is one of the best anniversary gifts I can think of! Although, the gorgeous dress Eli got me (pictured above) doesn’t suck either.

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If you haven’t heard from me, it might be because

I’ve been busy. How busy?

Up-to-my-eyeballs-in-work busy.

I-don’t-remember-February-ending-not-to-mention-March-or-April busy.

I-ate-so-much-candy-that-I-got-my-first-cavity busy (I only eat candy when I’m uber-stressed, hence my perfect tooth record until now. I am so ashamed).

I-shopped-online-so-much-that-boxes-are-taking-over-our-storage-space busy (I also stress-shop. So… clearly my coping skills are awesome! Wouldn’t you want to be my client??)

So yes, I’ve been busy. But, it’s been (mostly) a good kind of busy. This semester I have:

1) carried a larger caseload than ever before

2) got my master’s thesis accepted for publication (my first first-authorship! I’m a lot lot proud)

3) taught an undergrad class from start to finish (which I loved, so it was a happy kind of busy)

4) not responded to emails or texts with any kind of regularity

5) not spent nearly as much time with friends in social contexts

6)  not written a single blog post since early February

I’m sorry! What can I say? I’ve been busy!

But, tomorrow I give a talk to local community clinicians, and that’s it. After that I am officially declaring myself on summer vacation! Of course, come Monday I’ll probably have to declare myself “back to work.” But this weekend is going to rock! Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say, I am so sorry if I haven’t been in contact for the past 4-5 months. I hate that my work-life balance is so…unbalanced. But, the good news is: only three more years until I graduate!!!!! There is a faint, but beautiful light at the end of this tunnel. And that light looks a lot like a nice long nap with my puppy.

Happy Summer Vacation everyone!!

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Love is…

So, I totally dropped the ball on sharing my New Years Resolutions. But they were all things like “floss more”, and “procrastinate less”. I haven’t done either of those, so it’s just as well they aren’t out there in the internet for everyone to judge. Still, I feel bad about all the silence here on my end. So I thought I would try to make it up to you with a brief, heartwarming, valentine’s day post.

A friend of mine recently shared an article comprising quotes from children about love. What could be cuter than children talking about love? Here are  few of my favorites. Check out the website for more!

“When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.” – Billy, age 4

“Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries, without making them give you any of theirs.” – Chrissy, age 6

“Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.” – Terri, age 4

“Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK.” – Danny, age 7

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” – Bobby, age 7

“If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you  hate.” – Nikka, age 6

“Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day.” – Mary Ann, age 4

“When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s love.” – Rebecca, age 8.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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Taking a Look Back

Dear family and friends,

As we stand on the precipice of 2012, it is tempting to set goals for the new year. But, before we go there*, I want to take a moment to look back on goals I have and have not achieved in 2011.

I haven’t followed through on all my goals for 2011 (cliffs notes: drink more water, spend more time outside with Eli, convince Eli that I need a fancy-pants camera, eat out less frequently, update blog more). Specifically, I failed miserably at goals 3 & 5. For evidence of these failures, take a look at the blog over the past year and note the alarming lack of photography (canine photos excluded) and lack of posts in general. Suffice to say, it wasn’t a good year for the blog.

But, 2011 was also host to a number of successes. With regard to the aforementioned goals, in 2011 I spent much more time outside with my husband (credit here goes to the dog), I drank at least a little more water than in 2010 (although most of it was consumed in January, and then – in a desperate attempt to make up for lost time – this December), and Eli and I ate out significantly less (so what if we just ate ramen and pb&j at home? I’m still calling this a win, because the goal was to eat out less, not *specifically* to cook more).  By my count that means I met more goals than I missed, so I can definitively call 2011 a success.

And believe it or not, my life also extends outside of the goals I post on this blog. In this arena too, 2011 earned its keep. This year I:

1) Traveled the world. International travel included: One week in Petit St. Vincent for our Honeymoon, two weeks in Sydney for work, one week aboard a sailboat in Greece, and 4 days in Toronto again for work. So, although we didn’t spend nearly as much on eating in restaurants, we  I really broke the bank on the traveling front.

2) Got my Master’s degree. Although I defended in May, something was lost in communication with the graduate school. My “graduation” took place in December, which means I was misrepresenting myself in emails for 6 months. But now that it is official, the M.S. doesn’t seem so grand. Good thing I was gullible enough to get suckered into applying for the whole Ph.D. candidacy thing. See you in (aprox.) 5 years, real world!

3) Got a puppy. Oh wait, you’ve heard about that? Fine. I’ll shut up.

4) Became an aunt (again) two times over. I can’t really take credit for this one, but it certainly contributed to the awesomeness of the year.


So, to sum up, if 2012 is half as good as 2011, I’ll still be in the black.  Happy New Year to everyone. I hope it brings you Peace, Love, Happiness, and a puppy.



*Stay tuned tomorrow, next week, or hopefully sometime in January for these goals. -Spoiler alert – “stop procrastinating writing assignments (like this blog)” makes the top 5.

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A Bear of a Semester.

Scene: Emily is sitting at her computer, spending time worshiping the internet gods.

Somewhere sandwiched between watching the Maccabeats new parody and excessive online shopping, I think to myself “Oh, I should update the blog with pictures from all the fun things I have been doing lately!” So, I grab my camera and upload the 50 or so pictures from the past 3 weeks. But, rather than having any pictures from the “fun things I have been doing” (an arguable premise in the first place), I have 50 pictures of Bear in variations of the same pose. I mean, he is a dog, he only has a few (thousand) adorable expressions worth capturing on digital film.

This scene has played out at least 3 or 4 times over the past couple months. And yet, I haven’t changed my photographic behavior. So, I really have nothing to show for the past three months of my life. But, this time, I will not let it deter me.

I bring to you: my life in pictures (of Bear).

When I left you last, Eli and I were getting all dressed up to attend my old roommate’s wedding in Missouri.

You Fancy, huh!

We had a fantastic time, and enjoyed experiencing weather that actually feels like fall. But upon return to Miami, the heat and humidity more than made up for lost time.  This was reflected in uncountable bad hair days.

Bad Bair Day

Humidity or not, the season pressed on. It’s been a really rough semester, work-wise, I have been feeling quite overwhelmed (somewhat reflected in the absence of posts). I’ve spent long days in the office and long nights working from bed.

Overwhelmed with work

In early November, the stress and lack of sleep caught up with me, and I was sick as a… person who was too lazy to get a flu shot.

momma told you there'd be days like this (especially if you don't get a flu shot)

As soon as I got better, I went up to Canada for a conference, then we had family visit, and finally we all flew up to Ann Arbor to celebrate Thanksgiving and eat all of our favorite foods.

Now we are back in Miami, and I am just trying to muster the energy to finish this crazy semester so I can focus on other things that are important to me, like eating chocolate (no pictures of Bear doing that… he would die).

 I hope the holiday season brings us together so I can take pictures of Bear and pass them off as representative of the time we spent together. But seriously, I hope to see you all soon. I miss human interaction.

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Now and Then

I’m in Missouri this weekend for the wedding of one of Laura, one of my closest friends from college.

Given that this is my first time returning to the St. Louis area since graduation, and my old roommates are all here, this weekend is ripe for nostalgia. It’s hard to believe we’ve all been out of college longer than we were there.

Anne and Eli in front of our Alma Mater, 2011

Here are just a few “now and then” moments for your viewing pleasure.

Anne and I in Culinary Arts Society, 2003

Anne and I in front of our freshman dorm, 2011

Brittany and Anne at a Guster concert, 2004

Anne and Brittany at Laura's rehearsal dinner, 2011

Brittany and Laura, original roommates, 2004

Laura and Brittany, 2011

All of us at a Halloween party, 2005


I love my girls!

Can’t wait to celebrate Laura’s wedding tonight :)

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You’re my best friend

Jonathan Durling Photography

Happy (belated) Anniversary, Eli!

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